Succession Planning is one of the most important decisions that every business owner needs to consider. Underestimating the number of years required to prepare, many business owners procrastinate starting the process. Business owners who work with us are often pleasantly surprised to discover the possibilities for their business, employees, and personal lifestyle both prior to and after retirement with the right foundation in place.

As a business owner and plan participant, you have various options for retiring and cashing out. Some owners prefer to retire completely in a traditional fashion, while others prefer a more gradual transition. We can create a path to retirement that aligns with your specific vision.

Here are a few areas we can help with:

  • Governance and leadership succession planning
  • Business valuation strategy: Maximizing your ownership equity
  • Transition planning
  • Contingency planning and key man insurance for each critical role

Whether your company is a privately held small shop, family-owned business, or a larger company with multiple shareholders, our role is to prepare the foundation for the next generation or your successors.

Give us a call today to discuss how we can work with your company.